How Much Does a Local Move Cost?

Planning a move can be overwhelming. All of your belongings must be packed and moved within a certain amount of time, and the clock will be ticking. Are you beginning to wonder how you’ll pull this off? And how much a move will actually cost you?

Consider a professional moving company such as Calfo Red Line Transfer. We are happy to assess what is needed for a successful move, and offer our tried and true best practices.

Always request an estimatePittsburgh Moving Company

At Calfo Red Line Transfer, we provide every customer with an estimate so there are no surprises. An estimate does two things. It gives you an idea of cost, and it also helps us to determine any special circumstances such as the need to move a Baby Grand piano.

We base our estimates on several factors:

  • Home size, including number of rooms and amount of furniture, etc.
  • Length of time it will take our movers to get the job done
  • Distance in mileage of the move

What is a good rule of them when it comes to estimates?

Local moving companies typically charge an hourly rate per mover. If your home requires three movers approximately 6 hours to move your two-bedroom apartment, you can calculate the cost for labor based on their hourly rate.

What about insurance?

Depending on the value of your belongings, you can opt to purchase additional insurance. However, we do insure the items we pack and move, which is an added benefit to having Calfo Red Line Transfer pack your belongings. (Not to mention the savings you will enjoy in having more time freed up to focus on other things.)

Here are ways you can save money:

  • Pack yourself

Procure boxes through friends or local retailers who receive weekly shipments and need to recycle their boxes anyway. Inquire about which days retailers such as Pier 1 and Wine & Spirits have shipments and ask about their empty boxes. Then, pack away! Do a box or two every day leading up to your move.

  • Label all boxes

By marking in big bold letters “kitchen” or “bedroom,” you’ll aid the movers while they work by letting them know where to place each box in your new home. It will also help you remember which of the twenty boxes in your kitchen you put your can opener.

  • Worried about damaging fragile items and heirlooms? 

Calfo Red Line Transfer is happy to supply boxes and pack for you. We will ensure that all of your belongings stay safe and in one piece.

  • Stack your packed boxes in one place

Have all of your boxes in one place to make it easier on the movers to access them. Maybe it’s the garage or the front room with easy access to the door. By organizing your boxes in one area, you’ll save the movers time during your move.

Call Calfo Red Line Transfer today to get started planning your next move!