Residential Moving

Residential Movers Serving the Greater Pittsburgh Area

Our trained crew can tackle local moves of any size or complexity

Are you preparing to make a move? Let Calfo Red Line Transfer help you do the heavy lifting. This may be your first local move, but our team of trained professionals has been helping folks relocate for years, for a variety of reasons:

  • Lease is up? Time for a new apartment
  • Newly purchased single-family home
  • Downsizing to a condo or retirement community
  • Leaving home for a college dorm
  • Furnishing a vacation home

We’re a full-service moving company

You name it, we’ve got it covered. Literally. We’ll help you prepare for every step of your move from start to finish. We offer to:

  • Pack your belongings safely using quilt-pad wrapping
  • Load and secure large, heavy, or heirloom furniture and accessories, dismantling and reassembling pieces as needed
  • Store items and belongings safely during a transition period
  • Unpack everything where you want it

The benefits of entrusting Calfo Red-Line Transfer with your move are plenty:

  • Stay in control by knowing exactly what to expect in terms of timeline and budget.
  • Rest assured that our expert residential movers will tap all the right resources to keep your move on track.
  • Use our tips to ease your mind during the days or weeks leading up to your move.

A leader in the industry, Calfo Red Line Transfer knows what it takes for proper packing, moving, and storage. We bring to every job the same care, efficiency and professionalism you deserve, making the transition as smooth and straightforward as possible. Call us today for a free estimate.

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